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01 May 2016 @ 08:20 pm
This Week in House - Week Ending 1st May 2016  
This will be my last News post - if anyone is interested in taking over let me know.

All Things House
Screencap - Lines in the Sand @ house_cameron
Wallpaper @ house_cameron 
Gif - House & Cameron on motorbike - Deception @ house_cameron
picspam - house & Cameron @house_cameron
Screencap - Meaning @ house_cameron
Season 1 - House/Cameron moments @ house_cameron
Puzzle - Still in Love With You @house_cameron

Screencap - 'I Love You' - Now What? @house_memories
Screencap - House & PoTW - Blowing the Whistle @house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Gif - Private Lives @ house_memories
Gif - Taub & Foreman - Private Lives @ house_memories
Puzzle - Yummy! @ house_memories
Wilson & Cuddy's Cunning Plan @house_memories 

[H]ouse Monday - What I learned with House @ hugh_pics_daily
The Daily Hughgasm @ hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm trivia quiz @ hughbunnies

LJ Fanfic

Home is Where the Heart is by hughville & pyewacket_1975 (house/cameron)
Wait For me to Come Home Chapter 29 by hilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic

Job Interview by natta (House & Cameron) - Complete
A Fellow of Infinite by l57371 (House/Wilson) - Complete
And IM me in the Morning by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Finished - by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Retrospect - by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Just A Little Touch by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Just Take It by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Laundry Day by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
One Meal at a Time by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Phoning It In by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Positive Reinforcement  by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Riding Lessons by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Something Old by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Stairwell by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Take Me for A ride by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Two weeks by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Unrelenting by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
The Warner Brother's matchmaking Service by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
On the Couch by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Falling by Richie117 (house & wilson) - complete
Five Times Cameron told House No by hughville (cameron/house)  - complete
The Bunny Suit Saga by  hughville (cameron/house) - complete
The Ache In My Heart From The Words I Cannot Speak (You're Welcome, And I Love You Too) by Thementalistlover2013 (House/Wilson) - complete
One For All by Maikana (House/Wilson) - complete
Half by Maikanna (House,Thirteen) - complete
I Promised by vanishing_time (House/Wilson) - complete
Monday Once Again by bunnychan62 (house/wilson) - complete
You Fainted! by Maikanna (House/Cuddy) - complete
Yours, For a Limited Time Only by forwantofwit (Thirteen) - complete
menolly_au: lacrossemenolly_au on May 5th, 2016 07:48 pm (UTC)
You're best best would be to ask on one of the fic finding comms - hmd_finders or hw_reqs if its a House/Wilson or House&Wilson fic. Good luck finding it!