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This will be my last News post - if anyone is interested in taking over let me know.

All Things House
Screencap - Lines in the Sand @ house_cameron
Wallpaper @ house_cameron 
Gif - House & Cameron on motorbike - Deception @ house_cameron
picspam - house & Cameron @house_cameron
Screencap - Meaning @ house_cameron
Season 1 - House/Cameron moments @ house_cameron
Puzzle - Still in Love With You @house_cameron

Screencap - 'I Love You' - Now What? @house_memories
Screencap - House & PoTW - Blowing the Whistle @house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Gif - Private Lives @ house_memories
Gif - Taub & Foreman - Private Lives @ house_memories
Puzzle - Yummy! @ house_memories
Wilson & Cuddy's Cunning Plan @house_memories 

[H]ouse Monday - What I learned with House @ hugh_pics_daily
The Daily Hughgasm @ hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm trivia quiz @ hughbunnies

LJ Fanfic

Home is Where the Heart is by hughville & pyewacket_1975 (house/cameron)
Wait For me to Come Home Chapter 29 by hilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic

Job Interview by natta (House & Cameron) - Complete
A Fellow of Infinite by l57371 (House/Wilson) - Complete
And IM me in the Morning by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Finished - by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Retrospect - by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Just A Little Touch by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Just Take It by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Laundry Day by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
One Meal at a Time by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Phoning It In by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Positive Reinforcement  by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Riding Lessons by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Something Old by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Stairwell by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Take Me for A ride by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Two weeks by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Unrelenting by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
The Warner Brother's matchmaking Service by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
On the Couch by l57371 (House/Wilson) - complete
Falling by Richie117 (house & wilson) - complete
Five Times Cameron told House No by hughville (cameron/house)  - complete
The Bunny Suit Saga by  hughville (cameron/house) - complete
The Ache In My Heart From The Words I Cannot Speak (You're Welcome, And I Love You Too) by Thementalistlover2013 (House/Wilson) - complete
One For All by Maikana (House/Wilson) - complete
Half by Maikanna (House,Thirteen) - complete
I Promised by vanishing_time (House/Wilson) - complete
Monday Once Again by bunnychan62 (house/wilson) - complete
You Fainted! by Maikanna (House/Cuddy) - complete
Yours, For a Limited Time Only by forwantofwit (Thirteen) - complete
All Things House
Picpsam - One Day One room @house_cameron
Picspam - House/Cameron moments@ house_cameron
Screencaps- Acceptance @ house_cameron
Screencap - Games @ house_cameron
Gifs - The Honeymoon @ house_cameron
Gif - House & cameron kissing @ house_cameron
Puzzle @ house_cameron
Gif - Cameron walking away - Teamwork @ house_cameron

Screencap - House & Cuddy - One Day One Room @house_memories
Screencap - Chase & Cameron - Damned if You Do @house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Screencap - Foreman and Chase - the Socratic method @ house_memories
Gif - Cuddy & House - The Choice @house_memories
Gif - House in Wilson's bath - Moving the Chains @ house_memories
Puzzle - Silenced @ house_memories
Gif - Ugly @ house_memories

Hot House Screencap - [H]ouse Monday @ hugh_pics_daily
The Daily Hughgasm - Gorgeous House picspam @ hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm - Trivia question @hughbunnies

Happy Wilson screencap from Everybody Dies @ rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic

 Wait For Me to Come Home Chapter 26 by hilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic

The Power of Love by Hughville & Pyewacket75 (House/OFC)
Everything You Need Is Here by vanishing_time (House/Wilson) - Complete
The Last Distraction by arctichamster  (House) - Complete
Lean On Me by Annide (House/Wilson) - Complete
Five Places Wilson Won't Have Sex In the Hospital by menolly (House/wilson) - Complete
Bruised by 420Papyrus (House/Wilson) - complete 
All Things House
Looking for a House/Chase fic @ hmd_finders

Screencap - TB or not TB @ house_cameron
Gif - Role Model @ house_cameron
Gif - Robot Surgery- No Reason @ house_cameron
Screencap - Role Model @ house_cameron
Puzzle - Can You Turn My Black Rose Red? @ house_cameron
Gif - All In @ house_cameron
Picspam - Fidelity @ house_cameron

Screencap - BTS Bombshells @ house_memories
Gif - The Tyrant @ house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Poll - Dead or Alive? @ house_memories
Puzzle - Wilson & Cuddy @house_memories
Screencap - Sleeping Dogs Lie @ house_memories

The Daily Hughgasm - Picspam BTS Everybody Dies @hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm - Picspam Season 4 House in hospital bed @ hughbunnies
Screencap - [H]ouse Monday @hugh_pics_daily 
The Daily Hughgasm Trivia Quiz @ hughbunnies

Wilson wednesday - screencaps from Unplanned Parenthood @rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic

 Wait For Me to Come Home chapter 25 byhilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic
Tradition Strikes Again by cordeliadelayne (Chase/Wilson) - complete
He was Free by suckmyladyballs (Chase/House, House/Wilson) - Complete
we're getting good at this by ad astra dean (house/Wilson) -complete
Wilson w opresji by deanmom (house, Wilson) - complete
Denouement by seemeeimbeebee (various pairings)
Rip Tide by NixieD (chase/house) - complete
Let Them Talk by Corantien (house/wilson, cameron/chase)
Codependence by ratchetblack (House/Wilson) - complete
Slip by Simplywoven (House/Cuddy) - Complete
All Things House
Positively House/Wilson challenge announcement @ sick_wilson

Screencaps - Fools for Love @ house_cameron
Gif - Euphoria @ house_cameron
Screencap - the Bet - Guardian angels @ house_cameron
Gif - the Kiss - half wit @ house_cameron
Gif - Crying over Centrifuges - Infidelity @house_cameron
Puzzle - Locked In @ house_cameron
Screencap - Detox @ house_cameron

Screencap - Scheming House - Broken @ house_memories
Gif - 'House knows things' - Control @ house_memories 
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Gif - House & Cuddy - Half wit @ house_memories
Gif - House with paddles - The Better half @ house_memories
Puzzle - Cameron @ house_memories
Gif - House drugs wilson in a really cute way - Known unknowns @ house_memories

Gif - [H]ouse Monday @ hugh_pics_daily
The Daily Hughgasm - Gorgeous House screencaps @ hughbunnies
the Daily Hughasm - trivia @hughbunnies

Wilson Visiting Amber's Grave deleted scene @ rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic

Redrawing the Borders, Part 3 by blackmare (House/Wilson) - Complete
Wait for Me to Come Home Chapter 24 by hilandmum (House/Cameron)
Tree Fort by almostjulie (House/Wilson) - complete
Making a Difference by lorib12 (house/wilson) - complete

AO3 Fanfic
Sexta Autem Iudicium by gracefultree (House/Wilson)
Wilson M.D by PotatoKraken (Wilson/OFC) - Complete ?
Six Words by drabblyabbly (house/cameron)
Doctor House and the Case of the Broken man by active_imagination (House)
Moments in Time by cordeliadelayne (House/Chase)
I'm Dying, Am I? by beyond13
Waiting for Cookies by cordeliadelayne (House/Chase) - complete
Palliation by cordeliadelayne (House/Chase) - complete
A Slow Burn by cordeliadelayne (Chase/Wilson) - complete
Got me Singing the Wingman Blues (House/Wilson) - complete
Let them Talk by Corantien (House/Wilson)
All Things House
Gif - House - The Softer Side @ house_memories
Gif - House in the burning building - Everybody Dies @ house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Picpsam - Que Sera Sera @ house_memories
Gif - Cuddy - Bombshells @ house_memories
Puzzle - House, MD @ house_memories
Screencap - House & Wilson - Occam's Razor @ house_memories

Screencaps - Dying Changes Everything @ house_cameron
Gif - Do you like monster trucks? - Sports Medicine @ house_cameron
Gif - The Right Stuff @ house_cameron
Picspam - House/Cameron moments @ house_cameron
Picspam - Deception @house_cameron
Fanart @ house_cameron
Puzzle - Break the Walls @ house_cameron
Gif - Informed Consent @ house_cameron

Video - House 10 Year Anniversary by AletheHOUSEwife @ hughbunnies
Trivia Quiz @ hughbunnies

Slash Challenge - Positively House/Wilson @ house_wilson

Wilson Wednesday @ rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic

Wait for Me to Come Home chapter 23 by hilandmum (house/cameron)
Wilson's Revenge by lorib12 (house/wilson) - complete
Why House Loves the Colour Green by menolly_au (house/wilson) - complete
Out and In by yarroway (house/wilson) - complete
What Could Be by _slytherin_girl (house/wilson) - complete
Pills Fix Everything by taiga13 (house/Wilson) - complete
A Good Shooting by pwcorgigirl (house/wilson) - complete

AO3 Fanfic
Six Words by DrabblyAbbly (house/cameron)
Day of Grace by silversolitaire (house/wilson,chase/house,cuddy/house,house/ofc,wilson/grace) - complete
Come Out of Things Unsaid by MrBalkanophile (Chase/House) - complete
Friday, I'm in Love by ArcheaMajuar (House/Wilson) - complete
Gravitation in Play by Idisch_von_Swedish (Once Upon  A Time & Miami Medical crossover)
Беспокойный год доктора Поттера by MinamiM (Harry Potter crossover)
Limerick : Positively More! by readingrat (house/wilson) - complete
All Things House 

House 'What If' rec list @ hmd_finders

Wilson Wednesday @ rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic

Wait For Me to Come Home Chapter 22 by hilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic

Baby Fever by hughville (Cameron/House) - Complete
Who I Used to Be by Leo4573 (House/Stacy)
Fogbound by almostjulie (House/Wilson) - Complete
All Things House

Screencap - Cursed @ house_cameron
Picspam - House & Cameron moments season 1 @ house_cameron
Gif - House, Cameron and a Motorcycle ride - Deceptionhouse_cameron
Gif - 'I'm Proud of You' - Informed Consent @ house_cameron 
Screencap - Sleeping Dogs Lie @ house_cameron
Puzzle - House & Cameron wallpaper @ house_cameron
Gif - Cameron resigning - Human Error @ house_cameron
The C-Word Gifs by vanyx @ house_memories
Triva Tuesday @ house_memories
Screencap - House & Stacy - Acceptance @ house_memories
Gif - House & Cameron - Meaning @house_memories
Gif - House - Both Sides Now @ house_memories
Puzzle - House @ house_memories
Gif - House, Wilson & Team - House's Head @ house_memories

[H]ouse Monday Gif @hugh_pics_daily
The Daily Hughgasm - House gifs @ hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm - Trivia Quiz @ hughbunnies

House What-If Rec List @ house_what_if

Wilson Wednesday - His pointy finger of sass! @ rsl_fans

LJ Fanfic 

Stab in the Dark Chapter 2 by mnstrtruckslash (house/wilson)
Wait for Me to Come Home chapter 21 by hilandmum (house/cameron)

AO3 Fanfic

Tributes to Ships by TheBleedingVicar (multi-fandom)
Doctor House and the Case of the Broken Man by Active_Imagination (house)
Gravitation in Play by Idisch_von_Swedish (Once Upon a Time, Miami Medical, House)
Last Breath by faithfulpenelope  (house/wilson) - complete
Another Day by faithfulpenelope (house,wilson,cuddy,13,Foreman, Taub) - complete
Chase's Heart by softneptune (cameron/chase) - complete

All Things House

Gifs - House & Cameron - Games @ house_memories
Gif - Cameron - 'Drop Your Pants' @ house_memories
Trivia Tuesday @ house_memories
Gif - Wilson - Love is Blind @ house_memories
Screencap - House & Cuddy - The Greater Good @ house_memories
Puzzle - Gloves are Optional @ house_memories
Screencap - House & Wilson BTS - Now What? @ house_memories
Gif - Cuddy & House - Lines in the Sand @ house_memories

Gifs - Honeymoon @ house_cameron
Screencaps - Mob Rules @ house_cameron
Gif - Cameron hugs House - Words and Deeds @ house_cameron
Gif - Cameron asking House for a Date - kids @ house_cameron
Gif - Cameron treats House's wound - Locked In @ house_cameron
Puzzle- Cotton Candy Lovers @ house_cameron
Gif - Living the Dream @ house_cameron
Screencaps (Getting the carpet back) - Lines in the Sand @ house_cameron

The Daily Hughgasm - House/Lydia - Broken @ hughbunnies
The Daily Hughgasm - Trivia @ hughbunnies

Wilson Wednesday @ rsl_fans

[H]ouse Monday - Gif - Glasses!House @ hugh_pics_daily

LJ Fanfic

Wait For me to Come Home Chapter 20 by hilandmum (House/Cameron)
Calling by stephantom & angelfirenze (House & John) - complete
Stab in the Dark by mnstrtruckslash (House & Wilson)

AO3 Fanfic

A What? by ElizaStyx (House/Wilson) - complete
House & Holmes by gem_gem (Sherlock crossover)
Toward the Within by vanishing_time (house/wilson) - complete
Almost Alternative Lust by nuclearfootball (house/wilson)
Doctor House and the Case of the Broken Man by Active Imagination (house)
Handle with Care by jayxx (House/wilson) - complete
So Screwed by ElizaStyx (House/Wilson) - complete